About Us

I make it my mission to make sure I get the best patient outcomes to produce a well educated and healthier community that I have grown up in. The future of medicine is here, and it’s not through drugs that temporarily mask the pain only to have your condition worsen. I am here to make sure my community is educated on the latest technology and advanced biologics (stem cells) and to heal as many people as possible through our proven methods.

With the advancements of research and technology, healthcare is at a crossroads. As doctors we now have the most advanced products and protocols to heal patients and evolve the current healthcare system.

About Our Clinic

Nex Gen Healthcare is an advanced next generation form of healthcare.   It is the brain child of Dr. Greg Picou and his 20 plus years in multidisciplinary healthcare.  Dr. Picou has always been ahead of the curve in medicine and conservative treatments.  Nex Gen Healthcare now utilizes the most advanced processes for long term relief from any bodily pain, weight loss and many other treatments.  Nex Gen utilizes proven conservative treatment and advanced stem cell treatments for all aspects of the human body.  Come in and meet our Doctors and Therapist and get educated on the future of healthcare.  We get truly amazing results and our patient outcomes are our number one priority.

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